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To convey your beliefs about legislative matters or community issues, please send your message to: Each e-mail message that is received at this address is read by Senator Duane or a member of his staff, but please understand that we cannot respond to each message because of the high-volume of email received.

As a result, if you need assistance with a particular problem: please call, write or send a fax to Senator Duane?fs district office using the contact information above.

To request an appointment in Albany when the Senate is in Session, please send a detailed message to:

To request an appointment in Senator's District, please send a detailed message to:


Ms. Laura Morrison – Chief of Staff

Ms. Morrison oversees the Senator's policy and constituent services operations and works on AIDS/HIV issues and budget matters.

Ms. Scott – Chief of Operations

Ms. Scott is responsible for directing the Senator's office operations. She also works on criminal justice issues, substance abuse, and prisons.

Mr. Jared Chausow – Senior Legislative Aide

Mr. Chausow is the Senator's point person for community relations and intergovernmental affairs and is the Senator's liaison to Community Boards 4 (Chelsea, Clinton/Hell's Kitchen) and 7 (Upper West Side). He also works on energy, environment, youth and senior issues, entitlements and benefits, public housing, disability rights and education.

Mr. Robert Atterbury – Legislative Aide

Mr. Atterbury is the Senator's liaison to Community Boards 1 and 2 (West Village, SoHo, Tribeca and Central Village west of Bowery) and to the LGBT community. He also works on landmarks/preservation issues, parks, sanitation, transportation, housing, nightlife, elections and voting.

Mr. John Bartos – Constituent Liaison/Legislative Aide

Mr. Bartos is the Senator's liaison to Community Board 3 (East Village, Lower East Side) and assists the Senator's constituents with concerns about healthcare, housing, benefits/entitlements, education, and other matters under State jurisdiction. He cannot offer legal advice, intervene in pending litigation, or guarantee that any agency will decide a matter in a constituent's favor.

Mr. Enrique Lopez – Scheduler/Legislative Aide

Mr. Lopez is responsible for coordinating the Senator's in-district schedule and managing correspondence, and is the Senator's liaison to Community Boards 5 (Midtown, Flatiron) and 6 (Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, Waterside Plaza, other East Midtown locations up to 30th Street East of Second Avenue). He also works on arts, theaters, libraries and museums, crime and uniformed services


Mr. Mark Furnish – Counsel

Mr. Furnish handles overall legislative coordination for the Senator and also works on criminal justice issues and civil liberties.

Mr. Mischa Sogut – Legislative Analyst

Mr. Sogut works on legislation including health care and Medicaid, environmental issues, and social services. He is also the Senator's contact for press requests.

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