Fighting for Stronger Rent Regulation

June 16, 2011

On the night of June 15th, one hour before the Rent Regulations were set to expire, I, along with the majority of my Democratic Colleagues, refused to support with our votes a proposal that would have extended the current rent regulations for an additional two days. This legislation was designed to allow the legislature and the governor more time to negotiate the Rent Laws.

Enough. We have waited far too long for Albany to negotiate in good faith a fair, and comprehensive rent control package which protects tens of thousands of New Yorkers from predatory landlords and their connected friends in Albany who are trying to eliminate and destroy our precious affordable housing stock.

I have long advocated for an aggressive negotiating strategy. I, Senator Bill Perkins and Senator Ruben Diaz were the only State Senators to vote against the New York State Budget this past March because it did not contain comprehensive rent reforms.

As this fight continues, rest assured your apartment is safe. Any legislation that passes will have a retroactive date to cover any days which pass during the current lapse of the laws.

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